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Rex Gilroy & Kangaroo Valley Panther Casts 1981

Rex Gilroy holding Kangaroo Valley Panther Casts

Kangraoo Valley

Nestled in the Southern Highlands behind Nowra lies Kangaroo Valley, where the Australian Panther's existence has been taken as a matter of fact by the locals for generations. It is an area where just about every inhabitant has a story to tell of his or her own to tell about the creatures An air of mystery pervades the sleepy little community of Kangaroo Valley.

It has persisted thereabouts since before Auropeans first settled the valley, and it shows no signs of abating. The mystery concerns hundreds of sightings of often large, black-furred cat-like animals thaty have been known for generations as the "Kangaroo Valley Panther".

Farmers often blame the 'panther' for their periodic stocklosses, and many of them carry guns if they are working alone in remote paddocks. It seems likely that one of these farmers will eventually shot one of these elusive beasts, and establish its true identity once and for all - such is the frequency with which these animals are seen in the valley.

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