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This book is affectionately dedicated to my wife, fellow researcher and constant companion in the field, Heather.

This book is also affectionately dedicated to my late father W.F. [Bill] Gilroy [1904-1996] An experienced bushman and gold miner. Although the big gold strike always eluded him, he unearthed the Tarana Skull No 1, [archaic Homo sapien], a 300,000 year old endocast fossil, which demonstrated that the first modern humans evolved in Australia. “Gone to the Grand Lodge Above”.

This book is also dedicated to: The open-minded, freethinking visionary, who does not know the meaning of the word “impossible”. The field-working, rugged adventurer who never stops at the foothills, and always wants to see what lies beyond the next mountain. The dedicated individualist who has the courage and fortitude to defend his ideas, regardless of overwhelming opposition. All those who against all reason, dare to dig deeper than anyone before them, in their search for the truth.

Background Image © Barry Taylor

The Mysterious UFO photographed by noted UFOlogist, Barry Taylor, from the then California Guest House, Katoomba, as it flew high over Wentworth Falls to the east, at 8.30pm on the night of July 15th 1972 - Photo kindly provided by Barry Taylor


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Chapter Twenty
Parallel Universes and Dimensional Abductions

There are cases of people, abducted at random, and taken on board ‘space craft’ and experimented upon before being released, and who afterwards claimed they never left this earth, but were instead ‘removed’ from this dimension into another and brought back again by the beings responsible. On this other dimension, they have claimed are similar conditions to our world, such as cities, transport, science etc., although on a far more advanced state than that of our own earth dimension beyond our comprehension.

This parallel ‘earth’ possesses its own universe/cosmos of suns, moons and planets with other life forms throughout, just as in our own universe. It is all without a beginning or end so incredibly vast as to defy adequate description.

Such an awesome picture moves us to ponder how little we really know about the cosmos as a whole and the insignificance of our own world, which is nothing more than an insignificant speck of dust on the edge of the Milky Way, compared to the countless higher life forms existing elsewhere beyond our planet. It is doubtful as to whether the advanced beings of that other dimension have chosen to give our planet a special destiny in the Universe, for it is likely they have already been responsible for the creation of intelligent life elsewhere beyond our world.

However, we are an aspect of the higher beings responsible for our creation, and who have specially programmed us, particularly those exceptional individuals among us who lead all others in their far-sightedness, and therefore all have a role to play in this world, pre-programmed before birth by the advanced beings of the parallel dimension, to become as gods ourselves. Thus certain individuals in the community arise to stand out from the rest of ordinary humanity, as thinkers and creators. They seem chosen by Providence, when in reality it may be that ‘Providence’ is in the form of unseen movers on that other dimension.

These beings may appoint one of their own to watch over and guide each earth-based individual specially ‘programmed’ for certain goals, be it in business, politics or the sciences, literature and the arts. These unseen ‘guides’ direct the particular individual towards success in their chosen field. Here could be one possible explanation for the belief in “spirit guides”. Other people have experienced an unseen presence behind or alongside them in a room or other situation, directing them somewhere, or even away from a dangerous situation. So called ‘premonitions’ could be yet another aspect here.

I personally often feel a ‘presence’ with me while exploring and researching in the field, and the strange, eerie feeling of being ‘directed’ as it were, off a bush track to make some important, major discovery, as already stated. Therefore, have I been sent here by ‘Providence’ to make so many important discoveries, and do so much towards changing our history of pre-Aboriginal occupation of Australia, and ancient civilisation contacts with our shores, or is this ‘Providence” unseen intelligent beings directing the lives of their chosen exceptional creations from that parallel dimension?

Sometimes persons of exceptional abilities have been the subjects of “alien abductions”, in which they have either claimed later to have been transported to another planet where they were kept for a time and certain advanced scientific information given to them, or else they never left Earth but were instead taken into another parallel dimension for the same purpose. Sometimes these abductions lasted for months, even years, before the abductees were returned. Yet upon their return they have found that no time has been lost on the Earth dimension, or minutes had passed at the most. Some people even claim they were returned up to 30 minutes before they were abducted!

In every one of the above cases in my records the abductees have returned with higher intellects than they possessed before their abduction. These beings are masters of both time and space as with other intelligences elsewhere in [our] universe, and so it is on that other parallel dimension. So, what we call ‘Providence’, even our ‘Destiny’ are merely words, the true explanation of which, for each individual, are found in the form of a higher race of intelligences who, working from that other parallel dimension, created and guide our lives, and those individuals of exceptional intelligence and genius in particular. These are the true “Star Children” of this planet.

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