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This book is affectionately dedicated to my wife, fellow researcher and constant companion in the field, Heather.

This book is also affectionately dedicated to my late father W.F. [Bill] Gilroy [1904-1996] An experienced bushman and gold miner. Although the big gold strike always eluded him, he unearthed the Tarana Skull No 1, [archaic Homo sapien], a 300,000 year old endocast fossil, which demonstrated that the first modern humans evolved in Australia. “Gone to the Grand Lodge Above”.

This book is also dedicated to: The open-minded, freethinking visionary, who does not know the meaning of the word “impossible”. The field-working, rugged adventurer who never stops at the foothills, and always wants to see what lies beyond the next mountain. The dedicated individualist who has the courage and fortitude to defend his ideas, regardless of overwhelming opposition. All those who against all reason, dare to dig deeper than anyone before them, in their search for the truth.

Background Image © Barry Taylor

The Mysterious UFO photographed by noted UFOlogist, Barry Taylor, from the then California Guest House, Katoomba, as it flew high over Wentworth Falls to the east, at 8.30pm on the night of July 15th 1972 - Photo kindly provided by Barry Taylor


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Chapter Sixteen
Earthbase Blue Mountains

For many years now, campers have reported that, while far out in the Burragorang Valley to the south of Katoomba, beyond the backwaters of Warragamba Dam, they have often been woken late at night by the sound of subterranean machinery throbbing away. It was in this same region during the 1980s that lone campers were claimed to have disappeared, and mysterious circular “UFO nest’ burn marks were discovered. It is a region where soldiers have vanished, as mentioned in the previous chapter; where eerie glows are seen at night, where weird high-pitched humming sounds are heard, and where UFOs have been seen to vanish into the valley depths.

Yet the Burragorang is not the only region of the Blue Mountains wilderness involved in this mystery, for just as many eerie happenings have long been known to the Wollangambie/Wollemi wildernesses to the north of the Grose Valley; mystery dirt roads leading to sealed-off areas; cyclone fences enclosing large areas of regions so remote that they are only accessible by helicopter; and patrols of military helicopters around extensive areas where there is supposedly only uninhabited forestland.

Indeed, there are many mysteries awaiting an explanation; such as the repeated sightings of UFOs that just seem to appear in the sky as if out of nowhere, to descend into supposedly impenetrable forestland, or are frequently sighted rising up out of this same terrain to move across the landscape. Strangely, while many other UFOs have been observed to have been challenged by RAAF jet fighters – which they always seem to elude at unbelievable speeds – most seen flying over these ‘uninhabited’ regions are never challenged!

It is also significant that the Burragorang-Katoomba region has long been the scene of eerie “journeys through time” as described in Chapter Six.
Before returning to the ‘windows’ theory, let us examine some of the evidence for the Burragorang “UFO Base”.

During 1971, a hiker, Glenn Weston, penetrated some of this inaccessible terrain. One night while camping in a remote area to the south of the Warragamba Dam backwaters, he was woken from his sleep by a loud humming noise. He got to his feet, and torch in hand, started off into the bush in the direction of the strange sound, hoping to find out the source. He soon became aware that the scrub ahead of him was lit up with a glowing white light. As he approached a nearby clearing he could see through the trees that the glow was coming from a strange egg-shaped object. Dark, manlike figures appeared to be moving hastily about the huge ‘egg’.

Feeling a little uneasy, Glenn switched off his torch and remained hidden among the trees for a moment, wondering whether to approach the figures to enquire as to what was going on. While he hid there, the figures disappeared into the ‘egg’ and the glow suddenly faded. Then the darkened object rose into the air, its loud humming noise now silent. Glenn returned hastily to his camp. Unable to sleep after what he had witnessed, he remained awake until morning when he wasted no time in packing his backpack and leaving the valley.

Eerie happenings continue to occur in that region. In 1990 a group of high school boys claimed they were “buzzed” by a silver, spherical ball-like object from which small spike-like shafts projected. The sphere, they said, was about 40cm in width and made fast erratic movements above them. It then hovered about 3m above the track ahead of them before shooting off to vanish over the trees and gullies beyond. Was the strange sphere some kind of remote-controlled observer? In any case, the boys abandoned their camping trip then and there.

In that same area, back in the spring of 1977, a group of seven young men were on a camping trip exploring the bushland. They made their camp for the night on the first afternoon of their excursion. All seemed well – that is, until after they had bedded down. They heard a loud throbbing, grinding noise coming “as if out of the bowels of the earth beneath them”, as they said later. The noise grew louder by the minute, and as it increased the ground itself began to vibrate. By this time all the group had got to their feet and grabbed torches to try and see what was going on about them. Despite their thorough search of the region in the dark, they failed to find the cause of the disturbance.

Although the vibrations decreased somewhat, the group got little sleep from the incessant throbbing that continued well into the night. The next day, a further search failed to find the cause of the mystery sounds, and the group gladly left the area.

Unknown to these campers, or the high school students just mentioned, it was in this very same area that three soldiers are said to have vanished without trace back in 1951. It would appear that an underground facility of great importance, extending for some kilometres in every direction exists hereabouts, the entrance or entrances is/are well camouflaged, as are the apparent underground launching sites of the many mysterious saucer and other unusual airships believed to emanate from this great underground base.

And then there are the lights of the “phantom city”….

This phenomenon has been witnessed by numerous people, including the author, who have happened to be out on the far end of Kings Tableland, Narrow Neck Peninsula and other vantage points late at night when the ‘city’, in the form of a huge square of lights, has appeared. The mass of lights, emitting a silvery glow, often hazy from a great distance when there is night fog in the gullies, gives the appearance of a town lit up at night. The lights have been observed by the author to commence glowing as if from out of nowhere, remaining on for varying lengthy time periods, before fading away.

Often the appearance of the lights has coincided with the sudden ‘launching’ of glowing objects seen to fly in all directions. The Burragorang mystery is by no means confined to night time UFO sightings.

Huge Glowing Object

This huge glowing object descended from the clouds at sunset, Saturday 2nd March 1996. It was seen by many people flying over Valley Heights coming from the southeast at high speed. Many people observed its shape to be saucer-like, and that it changed flight angles as it flew over Bullaburra, adopting a vertical position as it descended on its approach to Kings Tableland south of Wentworth Falls township. Here it slowed down, to be met by a military helicopter, which escorted it across Burragorang Valley, where it descended into the American ‘base’ area. This photo was taken by Mr Frank Beale as the craft flew over Kings Tableland. The ‘official’ RAAF explanation to the many eyewitness phone calls? The object was nothing more than a “large meteorite” obviously this was a passenger-carrying meteorite!

© Photo courtesy Frank Beale.

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