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To our dear friend, the late Don Boyd, former editor of Psychic Australian and Futuristic Tales magazines. Prolific science fiction writer and researcher, who used his magazines as a podium, giving up-and-coming young writers and researchers of the ‘Unexplained’ the opportunity to publish their findings, which were otherwise suppressed by the establishment. Don, who didn’t give a damn about convention, encouraged open-minded research into every aspect of the paranormal and ‘unexplained’, ‘lost’ civilisations, and Cryptozoology.

He gave this author his first opportunity as a feature writer with much helpful advice that has served me well over the years. It was through Don’s encouragement that Heather and I graduated to book writing and publishing which has led to this, our latest book.

In the course of my own career as a UFOlogist I have met a number of prominent American and European authors, including Erich von Daniken, Josef F Blumrich and J. Allen Hynek; yet many of our own author-researchers are equal to the best that these countries can offer. Consider the works of Bill Chalker, Bryan Dickeson, Moira McGhee, Keith Basterfield and Barry Taylor, to name but some who have done so much towards helping put Australia on the “UFO map”; and there are many more enthusiastic researchers yet to publish.

Major Update SOON
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