Rex & Heather Gilroy Expeditions 1965-2007

From the mass of collected archaeological evidence Australia-wide there can be little doubt that the Uru developed a highly-advanced stone-age megalithic ‘super civilisation’; a world power that once spread out across the earth to eventually influence the rise of the later civilisations of the ancient world.

They also developed a highly-organised religion and a pantheon of deities that in some cases would survive under different names into later civilisations. The megalithic standing stones, temples and stone heads of the Gods of Uru, stand scattered across the timeless Australian landscape, guarding an hitherto lost past about to be revealed. The Lost Civilisation of Uru is

Megalithic Temples

Heather and obelisk Heather and obelisk

Heather and obeliskHeather and obelisk


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THE great mystery of our ancient past. The Gods of Uru once more rise from the earth to demand renewed worship. Aea, Nim, Nif, Ara, I-na, Ga-na, Ura, Aru and many more. Reader, I present to you the Uru....

URU–The Lost Civilisation of Australia
URU – The Lost Civilisation of Australia 1965-2007 © Rex Gilroy 2007
URU–The Lost Civilisation of Australia