Upon ancient watercourses Aborigines once sailed their rafts and canoes, which they shared, they once said, with “culture-heroes”. These “culture-heroes” were the Uru. Interestingly, early European settlers first learnt the name “bou-mar-ang” from the Turawul Aboriginal tribe of the Georges River district. The name in fact, applied to the returning boomerang, which was used in western and eastern Australia and nowhere else.


The URU & Aborigines

As the discoverer of this civilisation I stand by the evidence I am about to present. It is the results of over forty years’ field investigations and intensive research into the books of ancient writers, comparative mythology and epigraphy.

My discovery of this people’s identity did not come easily, but was revealed to me in a gradual process, beginning with my initial discoveries of serpent and eagle-shaped stone altars on the Blue Mountains west of Sydney from the mid-1960’s onwards, culminating in the discovery of mystery rock inscriptions near Katoomba in 1974.

My earliest attempts at translating this script that year revealed a name, ‘Uru’, and as further examples of rock script containing this name gradually came to light I realised I had discovered the name of this people and their highly advanced stone-age civilisation.

The Uru
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