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To report a sighting of any Large Black Cat {at Lithgow, Blue Mountains, Kenthurst or anywhere in Australia}, Tasmanian Tiger, Yowie, UFO, or any other type of sighting of any other type of Mysterious Australian Creature you might of have encountered-or, if you have any knowledge of unusual rock inscriptions or rock outcrops-or wish to be part of an Australian wide survey searching for evidence of ancient contact to this country, Email Rex & Heather

New Zealand PyramidUluru - Ayres RockHeather standing on Fallen MenhirSpanish Rock-Face Carving

New Zealand expedition - Te Urewera National Park Sunday 16th March 2008-Tracks & Casts of the Moa

Mysterious Australia is one of those unique sites on the Internet that deals with the forgotten history of our continent including Anthropology, Archaeology, Cryptozoology, and Hominology, with an all Australasian Content!

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“Identifying the Yowie” 60 Years of Australian Relict Hominology 2021

Rex & Heather Gilroy's Blue Mountains UFO Research Club

**Announcing the formation of the newly organised “Blue Mountains UFO Research Club |
and National Australian Underground Space Base Investigation Network”.

This new organisation, formed by Rex & Heather Gilroy, Australia’s foremost husband & wife UFO and ancient mysteries research team on Monday 5th October 2015, has been organised to gather all manner of evidence on Australian Top Secret Australian-American underground spacecraft/space travel research complexes and up-dated information on the on-going expansion of these massive complexes. This includes the Burragorang Valley/overall Blue Mountains operation, the largest and most famous of these complexes. We are looking for energetic young men & women interested in carrying out Skywatches [or rather ‘Base watches’] day and night on certain areas, to observe the coming and going of spacecraft at these sites, including day expeditions into scrubland in search of vehicle and other entrances into any one of these complexes.

Anyone wishing to assist in the exciting work of Blue Mountains UFO Research Club, as well as regularly attending our meetings, is invited to contact Rex & Heather Gilroy, Ph: 047 823 441;or Email us: The Burragorang Valley Space Base was discovered by Rex Gilroy in 1965. Since then, he and Heather, including Club members, have been witness to countless visits and departures of craft emerging from the spaceport camouflaged openings. The evidence suggests that the Burragorang scientists are employing a technology far in advance of anything officially known to Earth


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Living Dinosaurs! Reptilian Nightmares of Australasia
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Australian Yowie Research Centre

50 Years of Research by Rex Gilroy - Hundred's of Reports - Expeditions - Casts - Drawings
Including the Expedition to the Carrai.
Australian Yowie Research Centre

Australian Cryptozoology Book

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Rex Gilroy - 50 Years of Scientific Research
Photographs from Australia & New Zealand

There is something mysterious about the Australian bush never explained in the tourist brochures. For while this literature reveals the countless floral wonders, the magnificent scenery and the more common birds and marsupials, what is never mentioned is that it can also be very dangerous for the inexperienced to leave the beaten track. Nor does the tourist literature admit that to catch even a glimpse of some secretive and elusive species it is necessary to tread quietly in the Australian bush. Native animals soon vanish at the sound of noisy humans on the approach. People have disappeared without trace in these vast, often inaccessible mountain ranges-the New South Wales Southern Alps, the Blue Mountains, the New South Wales north coastal and inland ranges-and the jungles of far north Queensland, to name but some areas. These vast, eerie, sometimes mist-shrouded mountain wilds are impenetrable bastions to the inexperienced and the day-tourist. There are remote wilderness recesses that no human has yet been able to penetrate. And perhaps this is just as well, for these are the habitats of those mysterious, 'unknown' or long-thought-extinct native animal species never found in the tourist literature-species such as the 'Tasmanian tiger", the "Australian panther", the "Blue Mountains Lion", Giant Lizards, and the "Australian" Bigfoot hominid known as the yowie, to name but a few.

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Pyramids of Destiny Book Cover

Pyramids of Destiny - Lost Pacific Colonies
of the Bronze-Age God-Kings

Book Cover

New Book - Sequel to Pyramids in the Pacific - New Book

Pyramids of Destiny - Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings

UPDATED Sun Aug 9th Chapters 1-40 Now Online - Updated Daily UPDATED Sun Aug 9th

Book excerpts: To read 1 page from each Chapter Click Here

This book, like its predecessor, has not been written for the approval of a university professor, but for the average Australian reader to judge for themselves the veracity of the evidence about to be presented. “Pyramids in the Pacific” was a heretical volume and this sequel is no different. The authors believe that the time has come for all Australians to resist what can only be described as the gradual erosion of our freedoms, free speech in particular.

Our politicians appear to be under the thumb of minority political groups and fearful of losing votes at elections unless they do the bidding of these largely left-wing activists. Ever since the government gave Aboriginal activists the right to re-claim their ‘sacred’ fossil skeletal remains from government museums and universities for the purpose of re-burial, the nation has been deprived of priceless fossil material vital to the study of human evolution in Australia.

My late father, Mr W. F {Bill Gilroy}, who introduced me to the Central West, where we found the first stone megatools of the 'Bathurst Giants' and the Tarana Skulls, and who unearthed the Egyptian axe blade at Lapstone Gorge, and whose tales during my childhood of old castles in his native Scotland, inspired within me a deep interest in Ancient History and Archaeology, which has resulted in the book "Pyramids In the Pacific".

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My wife Heather and I have backpacked into some of the wildest areas of the NSW Southern Alps, the Blue Mountains, northern NSW and Queensland's Cape York jungles in search of evidence of these 'unknown animals' (and hominids!), and it never ceases to amaze us how little most Australians really know about their country. We have seen regions where television documentary cameramen never tread due to the inaccessibility of these wilds-vast, silent mountain wildernesses that most people know nothing about. It therefore annoys me no end when scientists, journalists and laymen alike ridicule anyone who has claimed to have seen a Tasmanian tiger, panther, yowie or whatever, for these people usually know absolutely nothing of the habitat in which these creatures live.

Until they are willing to forsake the comforts of home and learn how to explore and survive in the remotest regions of the vast Australian bush, they are unqualified to pass judgement. In any case, they have never bothered to study the evidence, and refuse to do so for it is not a recognised subject in the scientific textbooks. Yet despite their attitude, Australia's 'unknown animals' continue to be seen. The study of worldwide animal species either still unknown to science or else thought long-extinct but which might still exist, is called cryptozoology. Regardless of the many scientists who believe it is a waste of time to pursue such 'mythical' creatures as the panther, giant monitor lizard, yowie, etc., the thousands of sightings reports I have collected from Australia and its neighbouring Pacific islands are more than enough evidence to convince me that many rare and secretive creatures, both land- and sea-dwelling, still await scientific discovery and identification.

It is a field of research not always guaranteed to win friends. My relatives regard me as 'mad'. The scientific community 'blackballed' me long ago. But have I lost any sleep because of all this? Certainly not! For even if I fail to find physical proof of the yowie or any of our Australian 'unknown' animal species, my wife and I have had the satisfaction of visiting and seeing remote, unknown and spectacular Australian wilderness regions that average Australians have never seen. So, dear reader, if you ever thought that giant lizards were only found on Komodo Island, that plesiosaur-type aquatic reptiles were confined to Scotland's Loch Ness, that dinosaurs were extinct, or that relict hominids were confined to America's Pacific North-West and the snowy wastes of the Himalayan mountain ranges, then hold on to your armchair! You are now going to be forced to accept that Australia possesses a whole menagerie of 'unknown' creatures, ignored for far too long and begging for recognition.

Rex Gilroy - 50 Years of Scientific Research

Looking back over my 50 years of research on the Yowie mystery, I see an evolutionary pattern in my work, beginning with the youthful enthusiasm of a teenager gathering old Aboriginal and early settlers stories of encounters in the bush with the “hairy man”, to the beginnings of my earliest field investigations and footprint finds; how I at first believed that the “hairy man” was some form of longhaired bipedal primate, which might be a surviving population of Gigantopithecus blackie which had made its way into Australia during the Pleistocene period. Yet I eventually realised that the cast footprints of the Yowie that began appearing in the 1960s, and also those recovered during the early 1970s, were more hominid than primate. At the same time I was beginning to uncover recently-manufactured crude stone implements from remote areas of the Blue Mountains. These, together with Aboriginal accounts of the “hairy men and women” being able to make fire and cook their food, soon led me to realise that I was dealing with remnant populations of living Homo erectus.

This belief was meanwhile being reinforced by discoveries first with my late father, Mr W F [Bill] Gilroy, and later by my wife Heather and I, of actual fossil skull-types of Homo erectus over a wide area of Australia, mostly in areas once inhabited by the “hairy people” according to Aboriginal traditions. I learnt also that ‘Yowie’ was but one of many, indeed a great many names throughout Australia, by which these beings were known to our Aborigines. In fact, I discovered that these names all identified any non-Aboriginal race with which they once shared the continent, be they average modern human height beings, pygmies or giants. All these names meant “hairy man”, “hairy woman” or “hairy people”, and they were all called such not because they possessed long body hair, but because they wore cloaks of kangaroo and other marsupial [fur] hides, just like the Aborigines in early historical photographs which can still be seen today.

Thus as my information and evidence grew I was able to discard previous ideas on the physical appearance and identity of the Yowie. A similar evolution of my theories, both on the origins of the Yowie and of pre-Aboriginal hominid evolution as a whole, can be seen in the way that my ideas have changed over the years as my collection of fossil hominid skull-types grew. In September 1969 I recovered a 52mm tall giant hominid lower back premolar tooth at a fossil site now covered by Westmead Children’s’ Hospital in Sydney’s west. The discovery of my first giant hominid fossil footprint followed in April 1970 at Mulgoa, at the eastern base of the Blue Mountains. Then in May 1972 my late father found the mineralised endocast of a large ‘archaic’ Homo sapien skull at an old Pleistocene site at Tarana, just west of the Blue Mountains; followed by my own discovery of a smaller endocast of a ‘late’ Homo erectus skull-type about 30 metres away in the same strata, demonstrating upon various grounds to be discussed further on in this book, that Homo sapiens were already present in Australia by 300,000 years ago, and that they shared the land with their ‘father’, Homo erectus.

Yowie Book Cover

Living Fossils from the Dreamtime”.
Copyright © Rex Gilroy, URU Publications 2007.

This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50th anniversary as the Father of Australian Yowie [ie relict hominology] and Australian Cryptozoology research. In the coming months the Gilroys will release other books on the Yowie, and also an already completed book on Australia ‘big cats’, and other Cryptozoological titles are also forthcoming.

However, “The YOWIE – Living fossils from the Dreamtime” is a significant milestone in Australian relict hominology, for it is primarily concerned with the “fossil foundation” of the Yowie mystery.

This book contains hundreds of photographs and diagrams concerning the anatomy and physiology of Australia’s relict hominids, proving the Homo erectus identity of the Yowie in all his forms; ie modern human size, as well as pygmy to giant proportions. Sightings and close encounter reports are also included, but these are secondary to the main purpose of the book, which is to present a scientific basis to the mystery.

The authors are able to draw upon their ever-growing collection of fossil hominid skull-types and other skeletal remains, fossil hominid footprints, and crude stone tools from throughout Australia as well as more contemporary evidence.

Our “Australian Yowie Research Centre”, based here at Katoomba, continues to gather evidence from throughout Australia, and indeed Australasia, and this region is also represented in our new book. “The YOWIE – Living Fossils from the Dreamtime” is a book for the serious, thinking researcher. Order Book Click here

Current Assessment of the Rex Gilroy Hominid Skull Collection

This truly unique collection of mineralised skulls and endocast's, the results of over 30 years fieldwork, presents what can only be described as an indisputable case for the evolution of the earliest modern humans [Homo sapiens] in Australia from Homo erectus, prior to the supposed first appearance of modern humans in Africa around 100,000 years ago, and long before the appearance of the earliest Australoids [Aborigines] in Australia by hundreds of thousands of years

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Rex & Heather Gilroy
Rex Gilroy, Australia's Foremost Researcher of the 'Unexplained', and our First
and Foremost 'Yowie Man', together with his Wife & Fellow Researcher Heather

Introduction to the Real Yowie Man - Video's Up 2010

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Mysterious Australia Book Cover

Mysterious Australia

Covering a Cross Section of Australian Cryptozoological & Relict Hominid, UFO& Ancient Astronaut Mysteries, Evidence of 'Lost Civilisations' & Pre-Aboriginal Stone-Age Races.

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Pyramids in the Pacific Book Cover

Pyramids In The Pacific
The Un-written
History Of Australia

Traces Evidence of Ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Celtic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Other pre-Captain Cook Discoveries and Colonisers of Australia.

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Yowie Book COver

Giants From the Dreamtime The Yowie In Myth & Reality

Here is a Scientific Investigation of Australia's very own 'Bigfoot', Crammed with Information & Hundreds of Sightings Reports, Written by Rex Gilroy, Australia's First & Foremost 'Yowie Man', Celebrating 50 Years of Australian Yowie [Relict Hominid] Research.

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Australian UFO's Book Cover

Australian UFOs Through TheWindow Of Time

Leading Australian Ufologists Rex & Heather Gilroy Present a Book Filled with Hundreds of UFO Sightings, Close Encounters, ET Abduction Cases, 'Ancient Astronaut' Evidence, and Experiences of People Who Have Stepped Through 'Time Windows'.

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Uru Book Cover

URU - The Lost
Civilisation Of Australia

Evidence that Australia was the True Location of the 'Lost Paradise Traditions of Antiquity which gave Rise to the 'Atlantis' of Plato. The Results of 45 Years Research By Rex Gilroy.

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Cryptozoology Book Cover

Out Of The Dreamtime
The Search For Australasia's Unknown Animals

In this, the Most Important Book Ever Written on Australian Cryptozoology, the Gilroys Present over 3,000 Eyewitness Reports and Other Evidence, backed up by Over 780 Photographs, on and Astounding Array of Mysterious & Enigmatic Creatures.

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