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Joint Australian - U.S. Underground Space Technology Base

Australian UFO Mysteries Of
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The possibility of Extra-Terrestrial "Time Window" technology use in their voyages throughout the Universe, making visits to Earth fantastically short.

Rex will present evidence suggesting American space scientists, in conjunction with their military, have somehow come by this technology, and are experimenting with it, together with an advanced alien-inspired space-craft technology, in top secret underground bases established in remote parts of the world including Australia.


Whether or not they have anything to do with the secret operations going on beneath the Blue Mountains, UFOs over the Burragorang Valley have a long history.

There had been mystery objects observed by residents of homes overlooking the Jamieson-Burragorang Valleys going back before World War Two but these were largely overlooked by the radio and newspaper media of the time.

Then came the sudden interest in ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ worldwide as the 1940s drew to a close, and the then Katoomba-based Radio Station 2KA, began reporting mysterious objects seen by locals.

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Blue Mountains


During August 1954 there was a flurry of UFO activity over the Burragorang/Kanangra/Katoomba region. Strange ‘saucer-type’ airships, glowing red or green, were repeatedly claimed sighted at night by Megalong and Hartley Valley residents. Tourists reported seeing a yellowish-glowing ‘saucer’ flying up the Grose Valley on an east to west course, to fly high over Govett’s Leap and on over Blackheath heading towards Bathurst.

Blue Mountains
Presented here will be early Australian alien abduction accounts from Australia; UFO-related 'time window' experiences of people around Australia; and government cover-ups of UFO landings and crashes in Queensland and New South Wales.


Rex & Heather Gilroy operate the “Blue Mountains UFO Research Club” and the recently formed “Centre for Blue Mountains UFO Studies. They are the foremost investigators of the Top Secret Underground Advanced Space Technology Base, being operated jointly by the Australian and American governments.

The subject of this section is “Blue Mountains Triangle”, and contains material from the Gilroys’ forthcoming book celebrating my 50 years of UFO research achievement titled: “Blue Mountains Triangle – UFO Close Encounters, Alien Abductions and the Underground UFO Base Mystery”.

Besides the vast number of UFO sightings, the Blue Mountains continues to be one of the world’s major UFO ‘hotspots’. Our “Blue Mountains UFO Research Club” has recorded hundreds of sightings reports in some years. A great many of these reports appear to emanate from the Burragorang Valley south of Katoomba, and the equally vast Wollemi wilderness to the north.

Yet there is a more sinister aspect to the Blue Mountains UFO mystery which has persisted for generations; for it is a region where aircraft and people have mysteriously disappeared, where ET abductions occur. And, while many abductees have been released, others have not.

There is also another mystery pervading this wilderness, and one upon which I have, together with Heather, investigated for 35 years – the top secret American-Australian joint underground, advanced space travel technology base. Continue pt2 >>>>>>

Presented here will be early Australian alien abduction accounts from Australia; UFO-related 'time window' experiences of people around Australia; and government cover-ups of UFO landings and crashes in Queensland and New South Wales.


It is an incredible operation in which NASA is involved alongside US military, together with Australian scientists and military. It is an operation also involving thousands of other personnel and their families, living in an incredibly vast, underground world with its own self-sufficient colonies, or rather towns and other, more city-like habitation centres with their own economy, ruled over by a leader whose very name is not mentioned above ground.

All this is watched over from above by the FBI, CIA and our own ASIO; undercover representatives of which live in the Sydney district as well as on the Blue Mountains.The subject is just far too complex to reveal in full, so I intend to concentrate upon a selection of the more mysterious aspects of the mystery.

The ‘Triangle’ roughly covers an area beginning north of the Blue Mountains, extending from the Gulgong district in the north-west, eastwards through the Denman and Singleton districts to the Branxton-Maitland area. From Gulgong the western side of the ‘Triangle’ extends southward to the Goulburn area, and from here the eastern side of the ‘Triangle’ extends northwards through the western side of the Southern Highlands and on through the Mulgoa-Penrith area to Maitland.

It is within this ‘Triangle’ that the mysterious incidents covered in this talk have taken place.The relevant authorities remain tight-lipped on all the UFO-related events hereabouts.

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