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To our dear friend, the late Don Boyd, former editor of Psychic Australian and Futuristic Tales magazines. Prolific science fiction writer and researcher, who used his magazines as a podium, giving up-and-coming young writers and researchers of the ‘Unexplained’ the opportunity to publish their findings, which were otherwise suppressed by the establishment. Don, who didn’t give a damn about convention, encouraged open-minded research into every aspect of the paranormal and ‘unexplained’, ‘lost’ civilisations, and Cryptozoology. He gave this author his first opportunity as a feature writer with much helpful advice that has served me well over the years. It was through Don’s encouragement that Heather and I graduated to book writing and publishing which has led to this, our latest book.

Don Boyd

Whispers & Rumours
Man Fights YOWIE

Kempsey timber man, George Gray, fought with a Yowie for ten minutes before it let go and abruptly left his cabin back in 1968. It was 4 ft tall covered in bristly grey hair, with deep creases under its humanlike eyes. George Gray wrestled with it on the floor, tried to get an armlock on it but its skin was extremely flappy and loose so that he could feel no muscles. The creature did not seem angry but appeared to be trying to wake him and get him out the door, and made no sound. It was large in the chest and shoulders, and enormously strong.

Whispers & Rumours
Titan Tootsies

Monstrous footprints have been found by Noel Reeves of Kempsey in sandstone fossil beds on the Upper Macleay River. One print shows a toe 4" long and the total toe-span is 10" suggesting the hominds may have been 17 ft tall. Another print is 14 and one half inches from toe to beginning of instep. The University of New England has a geological team to deduce the age of the 28 impressions resembling both, hands, and feet. If they are not misidentifications of animal prints the geologists say it will violently re-structure present theories of human evolution.

Psychic Australian / Strange Phenomenon / Paranormal Australia - Covers

I miss our field trips in search of the Yowie, the Thylacine, ‘Australian Panther’, giant monitor lizard, traces of lost civilisations in Australia, and the UFO Skywatches on the Blue Mountains that we enjoyed.

Excerpts From Psychic Australian Magazine - 1970'S Magazine

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The Late Don Boyd

The late Don Boyd once summed up Rex Gilroy. "I was driving west from Sydney one night in 1980, and having a late night look at the Three Sisters, decided to drive over past the Gilroy's home near the Skyway. It was 3 am or thereabouts and as I drove slowly past, I could see him working at something, probably typing his newspaper articles. The following night I was driving back, and once again drove past his house for the fun of it, and there he was, the lights burning away around 3 am again. I don’t think he ever rests. He is always working on something, perhaps a new theory. When we have been out in the bush on searches, he's always up front taking the lead, telling us to hurry up. He never misses a beat and I don't know where he gets the energy. You can't knock his dedication and enthusiasm, he's an inspiration to anyone who knows him, and I know there are even academics who pay him grudging admiration.

[Don Boyd died in May 1999 from bone cancer. Through his publications he gave young upcoming, struggling researchers a podium through which they could publish their work. One of these was Rex Gilroy.]

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