2008 Expeditions: URU - The Lost Civilisation of Australia


Photo's from the top - from left to right

Photo 1: URUAN Balancing Rock
Photo 2: Shrine & Collapsed Nim Head
Photo 3: URUAN Temple Entrance

Photo 4: Collapsed Wall
Photo 5: Nim & URUAN Script
Photo 6: Rex & Sun Disk

Photo 7: Ga-na
Photo 8: Rex Beside Carved Head Of Nim
Photo 9: Rex & Fallen Nim


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Kid Kleen



More Up Soon

Australian Yowie Research Centre Evidence 2008

Results of the Gilroy/Foster Kananagra Boyd, New South Wales Expeditions
Balancing Rock Collapsed Nim Head and Altar Rex and Heather holding Casts
Rex Collapsed Wall Nim Scriot Rex sun disk and libation
Ga-na rex Beside Nim Carved head Rex and RexBeast Cast

More Photo's From 2008 Expeditions Up Soon

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