Rex & Heather Gilroy 2008 Expeditions Anthropology, Archaeology, Cryptozoology, and Hominology, with an all Australasian Content!

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Photo 1: Rex Beside Carrai Casts will take you to the Yowie Section for 2008

Photo 1: Yowie-Rex Beside Carrai Casts
Photo 2: URU-Rex & Stone Alignments
Photo 3: Giant Monitor-Dinosaur Swamp

Photo 4: Fossil Footprints
Photo 5: Stone Tools
Photo 6: Fossilised/Mineralised Skulls

Photo 7: Australian Panther Research
Photo 8: Blue Mountains Lion
Photo 9: Spanish Evidence

More Up Soon

Rex and Casts Rex Standing in front of Stone Alignment Rex holding giant cast
Pygmy-tracks Kempsey Stone TOol Minearlised Skull
Lithgow Cat Blue Mountains Lion Sketch Spanish Doodle Script
  URU - Australian Evidence 2008

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Photo 1: N.Z-Moa
Photo 2: N.Z-Celtic Ogham
Photo 3: N.Z URU

Photo 4: Australian Birds
Photo 5: Australian Scenery
Photo 6: Australian Animals

Photo 7: UFO Photographs/Drawings
Photo 8: Energy Orbs
Photo 9: Sydney Harbour Photographs






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New Zealand Moa Cast Celtic Ogham Uruan Carved Head
Pygmy-tracks Wombat
Time Window Photograph Anne Moving Energy Balls Pygmy Tracks

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