2008 Expeditions: Yowie/Rex Beast

Carrai Range Yowie Expedition

This investigation, part of the on-going “Operation Yowie” project, aimed at gathering good circumstantial, as well as possible physical evidence, on the existence of these relict hominids, began with myself, my wife Heather, and Greg Foster our leading field assistant/webmaster, arriving in Kempsey on Monday 8th September 2008.

Photo's from the top - from left to right

Photo 1: Rex holding two Pygmy Casts
Photo 2: Large Rex Beast Cast
Photo 3: Rex/Heather Rex Beast Casts

Photo 4: Carrai Casts
Photo 5: Pygmy Casts
Photo 6: 7 Carrai Casts

Photo 7: Rex Beside Carrai Casts
Photo 8: Greg & Rex Holding Casts
Photo 9: Rex Holding Rex Beast Cast

These feet impressions had been made by beings of considerable height and muscular strength. The physical structure of these huge footprints compares with others in my collection of Yowie footprint casts. Several years ago I realised structural differences between those of the usually smaller, average human height Yowies and those of these giant-size beings.

Both footprint types have the mark of Homo erectus about them, yet they represented two distinct forms.

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Australian Yowie Research Centre Evidence 2008

Results of the Gilroy/Foster Expedition to the Carrai Range Kempsey, New South Wales Yowie Expedition

Conducted for the Australian Yowie Research Centre
Rex Pgymy Casts Carria Cast Rex and Heather holding Casts
Pygmy Tracks Pygmy Tracks Cast from the Carrai
Rex and Casts Greg and Rex Holding Casts Rex and RexBeast Cast

More Photo's From 2008 Expeditions Up Soon

Giant forms of Homo erectus are known from the fossil record in South-East Asia and from my own researches here in Australia also. Other researchers had overlooked the structural differences of both footprint types. I therefore, as the discoverer of this second [giant] race of Yowie, gave it the name of ‘Rexbeast’! These Rexbeast giants reach up to 3.66 metres in height, their females somewhat below this at around 2.8 metres. It was obvious that smaller large footprints found at this remote site were probable females. At least three giant-size Rexbeast hominids were represented in these tracks, but there were also small feet impressions of juvenile size beings.

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