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During August 1973 I had an interview with this man in his mid-20’s. Jack, who came from the Penrith district, informed me that he had been the subject of an alien abduction.

In the course of his abduction, he claimed he had spent what amounted to many months, perhaps years, on another earth-like planet, inhabited by what he called “ultra beings” – beings who conversed with mental telepathy – who lived in cities comprising of gigantic clear glass-like, domed buildings, or others of metal, inter-connected by roads of a metallic substance above and along which they were able to travel in hover craft-type machines, or by a form of ‘back pack’ rocket apparatus worked by buttons on their chests.

In the time he was there he was given his own residence, and was shown a vast ‘museum-like’ building, whose ‘exhibits’ seemed limitless and visited by means of hover-craft conveyances, as the displays were in sections perhaps as much as 500m apart! But how did all this begin?

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On the Blue Mountains, and also in the Gosford district north of Sydney, are to be found Star and Moon ‘maps’ engraved upon flat rock surfaces, often upon mountaintops where a clear view of the heavens could be obtained. These ‘maps’ not only depict the phases of the Moon but also the movements of certain stars and planets. Hereabouts also have been found great stone slabs, hollowed out saucer-shape into which water was once poured to give a good reflection for astronomer-priests of the night sky. Mounds of earth heaped up around them enabled these ancient astronomers to look down into the water for a more comfortable study of the heavenly movements.

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In the face of so many overseas UFO books it is heartening to see a growing list of titles by Australian researchers appearing on our bookshelves, dealing exclusively with the Australasian UFO scene. This book now joins that list. These books please the general public but not the university-based hard-core scientists – as usual. What I offer are books containing my own theories, UFO sightings and “close encounters” and other evidence gathered by me in the course of a lifetime’s research in Australia and New Zealand. From the personal experiences of my wife Heather and I we can say there is an undoubted joint CIA-ASIO conspiracy to suppress Australian UFO investigation, and even intimidate researchers prominent in this field who have become “too vocal” about their findings.

This issue will be dealt with in the course of this book. Sceptical critics of UFO research never cease to argue that, even if intelligent life forms really exist somewhere in our universe, the vast distances to be covered in reaching our planet alone would make it impossible for space travel. They claim that, the time involved in such voyages for intelligences living [for arguments sake] on the other side of our universe, would be impossible. Yet these arguments are based purely upon our own present space technology. Who can say what is possible for any extra-terrestrial civilisation perhaps a billion or more years ahead of our technology? Such a technology would be beyond our present comprehension. That ‘they’ appear to be able to ‘bend’ time, and move in and out of “windows in time” to reach our planet in an astoundingly short time frame, is a major argument of this book. “Australian UFO’s – Through the Window of Time” seeks to show overseas investigators that much serious research is being conducted in Australia.

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The possibility of Extra-Terrestrial "Time Window" technology use in their voyages throughout the Universe, making visits to Earth fantastically short. Rex will present evidence suggesting American space scientists, in conjunction with their military, have somehow come by this technology, and are experimenting with it, together with an advanced alien-inspired space-craft technology, in top secret underground bases established in remote parts of the world including Australia.

Whether or not they have anything to do with the secret operations going on beneath the Blue Mountains, UFOs over the Burragorang Valley have a long history. There had been mystery objects observed by residents of homes overlooking the Jamieson-Burragorang Valleys going back before World War Two but these were largely overlooked by the radio and newspaper media of the time. Then came the sudden interest in ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ worldwide as the 1940s drew to a close, and the then Katoomba-based Radio Station 2KA, began reporting mysterious objects seen by locals.

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I believe I have produced a UFO book unique in the list of Australian volumes so far published on this subject, drawing as I have upon my archaeological researches to present my own evidence for ancient megalithic astronomy in Australia and the possible contacts with our planet in ages past by ‘ancient astronauts’; and as an original thinker who does not plagiarise other researcher’s ideas, the theories expressed in this book are my own, as are all the case-histories of sightings, “close encounters” and abductions, gathered by me in the course of a lifetime’s research.

Large UFO and HelicoptersLarge UFO and HelicoptersLarge UFO and Helicopters

One of these books stands out from all others in its approach to a difficult subject, namely the apparent ‘spacecraft’ described by the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel. The book was the “The Spaceships of Ezekiel” [1973] and its author, the late Dr Josef F Blumrich, a rocket and spacecraft designer for NASA, created in this masterpiece a reconstruction based upon the most up-to-date technological knowledge of early 1970’s space scientists. His findings leave little doubt that Ezekiel’s experience was no mere ‘vision’.


Glimpses through the Window

One day in 1997 Steven McCulloch was riding his trail bike along a dirt track, one of the many that criss-cross the dense bushland that covers the Cobbs Hill area near Tuggerah, on the NSW Central Coast. The weather turned wet and Steven [who was mentioned in the previous chapter] became disorientated, riding his bike along another track, eventually coming to an old deserted weatherboard house, with a verandah and front door. An old chair sat on the verandah. He observed the house to be a large one, but it showed every sign of having been deserted for a very long time.

Curious to have a look inside, he suddenly got one of those uncanny feelings not to do so, and he rode on. Steven returned to this track some time later but to his dismay the house was gone! He has returned there many times since then, wondering if he had his bush tracks mixed up but has failed to find the building. He wonders, was it a “ghost house”, one that appears and vanishes on and off.

“When I found the house the front door was partly opened, I could see from where I was sitting on my bike that there was furniture inside, and there was dust on everything. It was a 1930’s building with a rusty tin roof and there was no fence. The old boards of the house were of the sawn variety and had been painted in an off-white colour,” he told me later. Could Steven have just happened to be in the right place at the right time, when a shifting “window in time” revealed a house no longer there?



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